1:1 Baluns and coaxfilters

Type 1 Balun

Type 2 Balun

After many years of watching researches and reading contradictory descriptions and different theories about baluns and coaxfilters we made our own researches. We came to the decision, that only the coaxfilters we built in the meantime ourself fulfill all requests.:

Frequency range:: 1 - 30 MHz

Low passage attenuation < 0,1 dB

Smallest possible balance error< 0,1 dB

Big common mode attenuation starting at 1,8 MHz > 20 dB

Max. continuous power rating: 400 W (Type 1) und 1kW (Type 2)

Core material (standard version): 140-43 FT
optimized version also available for 160m

The coaxial cable used for the balun is specified by the manufacturer for a maximum power of 1.8 kW at 10 MHz and 1 kW at 30 MHz. Tests have shown that at 1 kW the toroidal remains absolutely cold! Due to the type of winding technology and the resulting data that were achieved, you can use the balun as a pure standing wave trap. The common-mode attenuation reaches the values shown here:



1:1 Balun / coaxfilter Type 1

€ 16,00

1:1 Balun / coaxfilter Type 2

€ 24,00