OCXO - for GHz Applications

The temperature controlled oscillator was developed for microwave applications. With new components for temperature measurement and also with a special thermal construction, the quartz is precisely regulated just like all other components by small “milli-degrees”. A very intricate oscillator design provides for a low-noise output signal. The output of 0 dBm achieves optimal control at the source of the oscillator transistor using many measurements on different GHz assemblies. Due to this, no over-regulation effects occur, which would, in turn, mean an increase in noise.

Frequency range:

90 to 130 MHz (please specify frequency when placing order)

Power supply:

11-15V DC via DuKo (built-in reverse battery protection, built-in 10V low drop regulator for preliminary internal stabilization)

Current consumption:

max. 300mA (after activation)

Output level:

0 dBm

Warm-up time:

approx. 3 minutes at 20°C surrounding temperature


All oscillators will be artificially seasoned at 80°C in complete construction for 4 weeks.

Output jack:



76 x 56 x 38 mm (L x W x H)


Aluminum, bright chrome

Frequency accuracy:

approx. 5 Hz, after 5 minutes of activation

Delivery time:

106,500 MHz (LO for 10 GHz in stock) other frequencies approx. 3 months

No longer available !